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A year later...

I know - I suck...I say that each time I post :) I can't even believe the roller coaster I have been on this past year! A year ago I was accepted into the program at UCF and since then I've been going a mile a minute.

So here's the long and short...some adjectives to describe life in Orlando - happy, tired, busy, stressed, excited, invigorated, accomplished, loved, thrilled, knowledgeable, drained, happy and you know, happy. I love it here. The weather, people, friends, food, work, and everything else :) I'm loving life.

I just got back from San Diego from presenting at my first conference. I look like a COW in my pictures so that is not being posted but suffice to say, it's been lovely. Looking forward to LOTS of time with Jo!!!! So excited she's here :)

Not much else to report :)