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A somber day...

10 years ago I became an educator. I became an educator to change the lives of children. It was a leap of faith to move across the country where I knew very few people and basically start over. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. When I got my job in East Los Angeles I must admit that I was a little worried. I was working in an inner-city school. Violence happened on the streets every day around us. I had days when I worked in Los Angeles where we were locked down because of violence in the area.

Even though I have always worked in inner city schools, I have always felt safe. I knew that there were plans in place and we practiced them once a month. As an administrator, I'm now the person who is in the hallways when something happens in the school. I'm the one who is making sure all of the children are in their classrooms and doors are locked.

Today, as news was pouring in from Connecticut, I stood in an assembly where the 650 students of my school gathered. The children sang songs of the season, they talked about holidays around the world. Our close to 100 Kindergarteners all stood together and in their angelic voices sang a song called "One Little Candle". Then the whole school sang songs about winter together. The joy and happiness in each of these children poured through the walls. All the time, I saw teachers looking cautiously around the room. Petrified that if something could happen in a small, suburban town in Connecticut, it could just as easily happen in this large inner city elementary school.

My heart hurts right now thinking of the children, the parents, the teachers, the staff and the administrators of that school in Connecticut and really all of us around the world who realized today that if it could happen there...why not here...